What's going on? ...grants available to Bryneg

by Roy Sinclair on 25 July 2017

The following is my best attempt at a summary of the grants situation, based on a study of the last two years' BCC meeting minutes (cited below) and some other research. If you know this summary to be incorrect or incomplete, or if you can add to the information below, I'm sure our readers would welcome your input.

In summary:

The BCC minutes mention that TAP funding is "in place", but nothing at all other than when a resident is told that £15k TAP grant funding is available for renovating the old school. Talk around the village is of deadlines and conditions for this funding, but I am unable to find anything about this on the BCC website or wider internet.

The BCC minutes mention that the BCC is aware of WREN funding, but nothing more is mentioned.

Anne Jones reminded the BCC that £75k will be due to Bryneglwys from the Clocaenog wind farm once constructed, but that an application had to be made by a specific date. It is not known if BCC submitted such an application.

Grant Funding

There follows extracts of all currently published BCC meeting minutes relating to grants that are not otherwise covered in respect of the Old School project...

7th March 2016

Nia had received an email from Amy Selby informing us of WREN grants.

6th June 2016

Email from Amy Selby DCC re. TAP grants reviews. They require an update on progress, a few key milestones and dates by the 6/6/16. Clerk informed her that we had a meeting on this date and that she would send an update by the 7/6/16. This was confirmed as ok by Amy.

TAP Grants - Following Amy Selby’s email, Sian had a very successful meeting with them and confirmed that all was in place. She confirmed that we could also send in invoices for legal fees concerning Canolfan Ial.

5th June 2017

Anne pointed out that the Local Member had previously mentioned that £75k will be due to Bryneglwys from the Clocaenog wind farm once constructed. Richard pointed out that construction work is not complete but that the Council would be pursuing when available finances are confirmed.

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BCC: Bryneglwys Community Council

DCC: Denbighshire County Council

TAP Grant

TAP (Town and Parish) grant funding is made available by most county councils to help town and parish councils work more closely for the benefit of their local communities. At the time of writing, I am unable to find anything online that explains this funding relative to DCC.


WREN is a not-for-profit business that awards grants for community, biodiversity and heritage projects from funds donated by FCC Environment ( one of the UK's leading waste and resource management companies) through the Landfill Communities Fund. WREN has provided over £200m to more than 7,000 community and environmental projects throughout the UK. The FCC Community Action Fund is for applicants with projects in England and Wales situated within 10 miles of an FCC Environment landfill site.