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...the old school meadow playing field

by Roy Sinclair on 25 July 2017

The following is my best attempt at a summary of the playing field situation - or Bryneg's new meadow, as I call it - based on a study of the last two years' BCC meeting minutes (cited below). If you know this summary to be incorrect or incomplete, I would welcome your input, especially if you are a member of the BCC, DCC or the PFA.

In summary:

The PFA transferred or are yet to transfer (not sure which) ownership of the playing field to DCC so that they can then transfer it to the BCC. DCC have removed the play equipment for Health & Safety reasons, and will keep the grass cut until funds are located to replace the play equipment. The site will then be handed over to the BCC. Nobody seems to know when this is likely to happen.

£1,700 from the disbanded ‘After School Club’ was not transferred to the BCC to be spent on the playing field project for the benefit of the children of the village.

Bryneglwys playing field

There follows extracts of all currently published BCC meeting minutes relating to the playing field...

9th May 2016

Sue Jones confirmed that she has emailed Vona Law the Chairperson of the PFA that morning, asking where they were up to as she was also frustrated with the lack of movement. She asked us to contact the Chair direct, which the clerk did. An email was received informing us that she was expecting some news shortly and would be in a position to call an AGM as they had been in a position where it was beyond the PFA’s control. She asked us to direct any residents to herself if they had any concerns regarding the park. Hugh Evans informed us that he had been in touch with DCC officials regarding the park and they confirmed that they were awaiting for the PFA to transfer the playing field over to them so that they could then transfer it to the Community Council.

4th July 2016

Playing Field - An interim committee had been put in place for six months following the AGM.

3rd October 2016

Sian had spoken to Vona and will remind her weekly to set up a meeting. It was suggested that there were grants available for repairs.

7th November 2016

Email received informing us of commuted sums grants available for Bryneglwys. No news from Playing Field Association regarding any further meetings.

Sharon had spoken to Pat Prabhu and confirmed that the now disbanded ‘After School Club’ had £1,700 in a frozen account. At the request of Pat, Sharon asked if this amount could be transferred to the Community Council Account with a proviso that it was used to benefit the children of the village, and once the future of the playing field was assured, the money could then be donated to benefit the project. All agreed that this was a good idea.

The following submission has been made to this website by Pat Prabhu, Treasurer of Yr Ifanc yn Ial (previously After School Club):

I wish to correct some totally INCORRECT INFORMATION concerning Yr Ifanc yn Ial After School Club:
(1) The funds of our club are in the control of the Management Committee of Yr Ifanc yn Ial (After School Club). They have NOT been handed over to any other organization.
(2) The account is not, nor ever has been, frozen.

6th February 2017

Mrs Jones and Mrs Finch […] expressed concern regarding the children’s playground and were informed that the Playground Association were in the process of handing it back to DCC and once this was completed it is hoped that the Community Council can take it over.

15th March 2017

Pat Prabhu tabled a question regarding the playground. Hugh […] confirm[ed] that the site has now been taken over by Denbighshire County Council who will remove all play equipment and maintain the grass cutting until funds are located to replace the play equipment. It is envisaged that the site will then be handed over to the Community Council. Hugh reiterated that houses will not be constructed on the site.

5th June 2017

Anne Jones questioned the playing field situation. Denbighshire County Council has confirmed that it is awaiting handover from the Playground Committee. In the meantime, Denbighshire have removed the equipment for Health and Safety reasons. As Anne pointed out, all locals want is a pleasant and safe play area and many are willing to help in any way to achieve this and to also help with rejuvenating the old school building.

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BCC: Bryneglwys Community Council

DCC: Denbighshire County Council

PFA: Playing Field Association (also referred to by the BCC as the Playground Committee)